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The annual pre-Lent Clergy Retreat scheduled for Blue Cloud Abbey has been cancelled.  There will be a retreat put together by the Deans of the Regions which is scheduled for Mission, SD on the Rosebud Episcopal Mission, date to be announced.

I have had some inquiries about a retreat, but having such at Blue Cloud as we have had in the past.   It could be at a time different than the scheduled by the Deans program.

If anyone is interested in helping to organize this retreat please call me at the Diocesan Office or reply on this medium, or send an email to the office in SF.   Maybe something can be arranged at BC and may be a study group, book study group, or something else.   WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY OUR OWN WAY AND FEE AT THE ABBEY.

Any suggestions????   Post here, send an email or call!!!!




If we have any of the diaries which you are referring to, they would be in the Center for Western Studies; Augustana College, Box 727;  Sioux Falls, SD  57197.   Mr. Harry Thompson is the Director of the Center and the telephone number is 605-274-4007.

The Archives at the CWS contains most of the information and history of the Episcopal Church in South Dakota from it's beginning.

I hope this is helpful.


Roberta Powell 

Archives, 1862- . 286 cu. ft.
The Episcopal Church began its work in South Dakota with the establishment of the Indian Commission in 1871. In 1873, the Church established the Jurisdiction of Niobrara and named William Hobart Hare as its bishop. The Archives of the Episcopal Church in South Dakota includes the following collections:

Bishops William Hobart Hare. Papers, 1864-1909. Correspondence, letterpress copybooks, subject files, sermons, speeches, Japan and China files, official journals, ledgers, diaries, personal journals, personal account books, scrapbooks, photographs.
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
William J. Cleveland. Papers, 1870-1897. Missionary’s correspondence, personal diary.

In searching for information regarding my great grandfather William J. Cleveland, via Google, I found the above information in an index at the Augustana College in Sioux Falls. Does anyone know a way to gain access to the above personal diaries and journals and photographs. I have inherited several artifacts from Wm. J Cleveland (a beaded medicine bag, bleached acorn necklace or medicine amulet?, and his Episcopal cross that he wore while at Rosebud.

Family legend  has also stated that his daughter(my grandmother) born on the reservation was known as "Running Rabbit". And based on the birth certificate for her which I have, it shows her mother as  "unknown". So  I have always wondered if there possibly is any Indian ancestry  involved  in this  birth. 

Reading some of these documents might fill in some of the gaps in my heritage and artifacts.

So, can anyone be of help to me?

His daughter married a Brown in Nebraska and my mother was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She married a Lowther in Oregon. And now I live in California.



Well, I had to cut short a visit to the Cheyenne River Mission, in fact I did not get there, to return to SF and the hospital for treatment of an infection in my left great toe.   I learned that the infection had entered the bone and so I was immediately sent to a room awaiting treatment.

It was decided that the offending digit should be removed and on Tuesday, 11/25, that was accomplished.   I was discharged on Wednesday, 11/26, to my home with instructions to not walk on the ball of my foot and if I needed to walk to walk only on the heel of my foot.   I was further instructed to stay home with my foot elevated for three weeks.

After a few days at home with only my Golden Retriever for company, I began to speak GoldenRetrieverese and decided it was time to return to the office.  I have done so and everything seems to be going well.   I return to the MD on the 11th for a review, but am feeling great.

I seem to remember an Olde Irish (perhaps Scottish/Irish) Blessing that asks God to bless a particular time in a community making that time sacred.   Then God is asked to bless: all who are in attendance, including our enemies.   God is asked further to turn the hearts of our enemies and if He cannot, then to turn their ankles so that we might know them by their limp.

Whether enemy or not, you may recognize me by my limp for a while.   Rick Lutes and I will be forming a support group, which we hope will only include two members at this time!

Thank you for your prayers, cards and kind thoughts.   The prayers have worked again and I am grateful.

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