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Fr. Paul Sneve 

Rick Lutes, husband of Mo. Kathy Monson Lutes, has undergone surgery on his foot.  The good people of St. Andrew's in Rapid City ask your prayers for Rick's care and speedy recovery.  Understandably, his family is under a great deal of stress and would appreciate your prayers as well.
Thank you.


The Reverend Rob Schwarz was installed on Sunday, October 26, as the new Priest in Charge of the Standing Rock Episcopal Mission.


Greetings in the Name of our Lord:

Well, we got Fr. Ed and Margaret married last Saturday in Tuscon.  What a joy filled event that was.   In the tradition of the Dakota/Lakota people, the married couple gave away gifts to folks attending.   Ann and I received a very beautiful quilt from Ed and Margaret.   What a joy.

Pictures of the wedding are forthcoming from the photographer, and I do have two pictures in the office of the main altar and one of the side alters.  What a pleasure to participate in a very Anglo-Catholic service, it was absolutely great!!

I was sucked into an e-mail scam that I want to warn you about.  I saw a book about federal grants and decided to order it.  It was free except for shipping.   I have not received the book but was charged for the shipping costs.   This happened the other night as well, but I am a fast learner and hung up on the woman.

So BEWARE.  There subtle scams going on out there, even in the church.



Dear Friends in Christ:
Tomorrow, I will Celebrate the wedding of the Reverend Canon Ed Harnsberger and his fiance, Margaret,  at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Tuscon, AZ.
Many of you kinow Fr. Ed, who served in the Niobrara Deanery for many years, since his graduation from seminary.  At the Niobrara Convocation in Eagle Butte this year, he intorduced Margaret to his friends here in South Dakota.
Please offer prayers for Ed and Margaret tomorrow, September 13, that being the Feastday of Cyprian of Carthage.
Ann and I will return late Sunday evening.  I will be in the office all of next week, preparing for the Diocesan Convention.
ON September 22-26, Ann and I will be attending an Orderly Transitions Conference in preparation for retirement.
The Diocesan Clergy Conference will be in Chamberlain at the Cedar Shores Resort area on October 2-5.  All events, including the opening Eucharist will be at the Convention Center.
There will be a special Diocesan Council meeting on Friday, October 3, at the Convention site, in a room to be announced.
The Deanery meetings will take place this weekend and next in places that either have been, or will be announced.
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