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Inez L. Harris 


Like Pastor Costas I very much want this site to continue.  I check it regularly also---My big disappointment has been the lack of messages from Bishop Robertson.  I always look forward to what he has to share and his thought provacative sharing.  

I also think our new Youth Director could utilize it, as well as others who serve on committees of the dicoese.   Always appreciated Holly's messages.  Our search committee could share some of its work also.  I am looking forward to the names of the candidates they have chosen.   Was pleased that the initial number was 15, that there was that kind of interest in our dicoese. 

I am sorry to miss the ordination of Rita Powel today--Planned on coming, but this cold winter has stymined my travel.   Pretty nice just to stay inside where it is warm.  Getting ready for our annual meeting tomorrow at Christ Church

God bless us all!     Inez L. Harris

Julie Gehm 


We hope as many as are able will attend the ordination of the Reverend Rita Powell to the priesthood, this Saturday, January 17, at Calvary Catehdral in Sioux Falls. The service begins at 11 and will be followed by a reception, hosted by youth from Calvary.  Blessings will abound!

Kathryn Costas 


I am sorry to see this site shutting down as I do check it regularly and post to it at times.  It is a good communication tool that I think few people actually know about.  It might be a good idea to reconsider and try it for another year. 

Diocesan Office 


The subscription for this Information Exchange expires on January 20. We have given it a couple years, but it has not been used as we hoped. Though there is a small group that checks it regularly, there have been few postings. Therefore, we will not be renewing it.

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